Planners/Daily Homework

     Parents..THANK YOU! You are doing a great job of signing planners each night and having your student bring it back the next day. I also appreciate the notes and messages that you write in the planner about changes in your child's schedule. 
     As for homework...students should read at least 15 minutes each evening to help promote their reading growth. Hopefully they have a good fit book to enjoy. The 15 minutes can be reading to themselves, reading aloud, or listening to a story and following along.
     Studying spelling words is important  also. Students can practice in a variety of ways...aloud, writing the words, making them with Scrabble tiles even! Tests are Thursdays and the unit assignment  is usually due on Fridays. 
     The other part of homework is practicing math facts: add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Knowing these facts quickly are definitely a weakness for us as a group. It doesn't have to be drill and kill with flashcards. There are plenty of games that  use math fact practice. Last year's math bags had a booklet with tons of great math games ideas.