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4th Grade Weekly Objectives

Here’s what’s happening in Fourth Grade

April 6-9, 2020


Students will read 3 ecosystem articles: "Ecosystems," "Taiga Ecosystems," and "Rainforest Ecosystems." After reading the articles, they will answer comprehension questions based on each article. Students will also learn vocabulary associated with these articles. 


Spelling: Unit 33: Suffixes -y, -ful, -ly

                Students will study the suffixes -y, -ful, -ly and understand how they are used when added to the end of base words to change their meanings.  Students will write a word list and complete a unit assignment as well as IXL practice. Assignments will be completed on Thursday, April 9.


Math: Topic 16 – Lines, Angles, and Shapes

  • Monday and Tuesday: Topic 16-1 on Types of Lines; 
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Topic 16-2 on Types of Triangles


Science: Ecosystems

               Students will read three articles about ecosystems and explore some websites about ecosystems/biomes of the world. 


Social Studies: South Dakota History

                Students will be reading online sections of the South Dakota Weekly. More information about specific sections to read will be provided to students by Mr. O'Brien on his website.