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Mrs. Donna Van Ness » Expectations and Homework

Expectations and Homework

Respect is the key to expectations. What is respect? Respect is based in how we treat each other regardless of whether we've just met or are long-time friends, or if we agree or disagree on the viewpoints we have. When asked, students usually don't understand that respect and classroom expectations are tied together by words and actions. Did I turn my homework in so that the teacher can correct it? Did the teacher correct my work to provide me with feedback on my understanding and progress? Both of these examples show how the one person can show respect to the other in their actions. After discussion and brainstorming, here is a list of expectations that my students created:
  • be nice to others when you speak and act - do not bully
  • share
  • everyone needs to pay attention and listen when someone else is speaking
  • let others learn by not interrupting
  • be quiet so that others can get their work done on time too
  • always try to do your best in all you attempt - be hardworking
  • have fun
  • follow directions and instructions
I think all of these expectations show that these students already have a great idea of what's expected in 4th Grade!