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COUNSELING is a confidential relationship which the counselor conducts with students individually and in small groups to help them resolve or cope constructively with their problems and developmental concerns.

LARGE GROUP GUIDANCE is a planned, developmental program of guidance activities designed to foster students' academic, career, and personal/social development. It is provided for all students through a collaborative effort by counselors and teachers.

CONSULTATION is a collaborative partnership in which the counselor works with parents, teachers, administrators, school psychologists, social workers, visiting teachers, medical professionals and community

health personnel in order to plan and implement strategies to help students be successful in the education system.









Career Exploration enrichment during covid-19 closure

Students may use vacareerview.org during the closure to access career searches and games. Select K-5 and they can access activities under Career Town; Kids Search; Computer Career Games.

A note from your school counselor during covid-19 closure.

A note from your school counselor at HCES. If your child is suicidal, please contact 911. If your child has mental health needs or in need of crisis counseling, please contact a mental health facility like BMS at 6053437262. If you want to reach out directly to your school counselor, please contact Mrs. Weron at nicole.weron@k12.sd.us. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.

Hill City Elementary School Yearbook 2019-2020

The Hill City Elementary School Yearbooks are available for purchase. Fliers will be going home early March. If yearbooks are ordered online before the deadline of March 31st shipping is free to the school for students to take home. If yearbooks are ordered after the deadline, shipping fees will be applied and the books will be shipped to the address listed with the payment. All yearbooks must be ordered and purchased online. Thank you!
Hat Day Fridays:
Students may wear hats on Fridays for 50 cents. The money collected will be donated to a charity determined by Student Council at the end of the year.